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Wirecard short sellers set up new fund.

8 October 2022

Founders of Gotham City Research and Portsea Asset Management are reportedly set to launch a new hedge fund betting against markets after reaping rewards from the failure of Wirecard in 2020.

Investing 2023

Nexergy Holding is an investment company with the strategic goal to acquire companies and technologies which will provide green production of energy and fuel for the market. 

The goal is not only to acquire this, but to make Nexergy an integral part of Britain and Europe’s energy market so that Britain and Europe can be more self-reliant than today. 

With Nexergy producing energy and fuel by itself it’s not only self-reliance at stake but also a question of price, we will be able to supply the people of Britain and The European people with one of mankind’s most basic needs at a more humane cost than we are seeing in today’s energy and fuel market. 

With this Nexergy has as our goal to become an important partner and building block for Britain and Europe and therefor a part of the people. Our sole mission is to be a stable and trustworthy provider for the people, to work with the people’s needs and demands.